Chronicle Article

We are sorry we can no longer allow additional signers who wish to add their names to support the article which appeared in the Christian Chronicle. While we had many to add their names in support of the article, some were placing fictitious names and sometimes even vulgar items on the list. We have, therefore, decided to remove the ability to add further names.

A Time To Speak

There is "a time to be silent and a time to speak" (Eccl. 3:7). As younger ministers who love Christ and his church, we believe now is the right time for us to speak from the Bible about the kind of worship that pleases Him.

Unfortunately, an entire generation of God's people has never heard a strong biblical message in support of a cappella singing. Many young people believe the "singing only" position is nothing more than an outdated "church of Christ tradition." We believe, therefore, today's generation of talented young Christians deserves to know what the New Testament says about worship in song. This will not happen if we remain silent.

We, as a group of younger ministers, present this article to the public to affirm that we stand firmly united for a cappella singing.

Why We Are For A Cappella

First, we are for a cappella singing because we are certain it pleases God. Only God has the authority to say what pleases him. By his grace, he has revealed his will to us through the Bible. Ephesians 5:18-21 calls us to obey God's will and also tells us what his will is:

And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting to one another in the fear of God. – NKJV

God's will for us then, is to be filled by His Spirit, and this filling shows itself in five ways which obviously deal with corporate worship:

  1. Speaking to one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.
  2. Singing.
  3. Making melody in your heart to the Lord.
  4. Giving thanks always for all things to God.
  5. Submitting to one another in the fear of God.

God's will for our worship is also stated in the book of Hebrews. "Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name" (Heb. 13:15 - ESV). We can worship with confidence only when we worship according to God's will.

Second, we are for a cappella singing because we are certain this was the practice of the early church. Gentile converts from paganism sang a cappella despite their surrounding culture. Pagan cults used instruments to gain the attention of their gods and to stir the emotions of worshipers. Yet, the early church dared to be different. They already had the attention of their God and approached Him with the voices he had given them instead of with instruments they had made for themselves.

Similarly, early Jewish Christians worshiped the same God who had previously commanded Israel to use instruments in Old Testament worship (2 Chron. 29:25). Remarkably, they did not use instruments in their Christian worship assemblies because Temple worship became obsolete upon the death of Jesus Christ. Believing that the Old Law had been nailed to Christ's cross (Col. 2:14), and that His New Covenant was now written on their hearts, they sang and made music in their hearts to the Lord.

Finally, we are for a cappella singing because we have a good reason to sing. We once were lost, but now are found; we were dead, but are alive again. God's people have every reason to sing! We sing to praise God and to admonish one another. We can accomplish God's will in worship without the instrument, but we cannot accomplish God's will without singing. The instrument is entirely unnecessary.

Why We Oppose Instruments

We are opposed to musical instruments in worship because there is no New Testament teaching that authorizes their use. When some today attempt a rationale for introducing musical instruments into the worship of God's church, it is seldom based on an in-depth study of God's word. More commonly, the advocates of instrumental music cite evangelistic reasons, pragmatic reasons, or simply a desire to be like the popular evangelical culture that surrounds them.

Rarely does one read an argument that gives book, chapter, and verse from the New Testament for the introduction of instruments. We will continue the practice of "singing only" in worship until we find New Testament evidence that instrumental music is pleasing to God.

We are also opposed to musical instruments because there is a great deal more at stake in using them in worship than merely personal preference or what some might describe as "worship wars." This serious issue relates to how we read the Bible and how we seek to follow God's will in our generation. If we do not respect the clear teaching of the New Testament and the example of the early Christians on this issue, then it is only a matter of time until we substitute other practices to be like the nations (the churches) around us.

We are further opposed to musical instruments in worship because they have always caused division. There is a long history of divisiveness that has resulted when some within the church seek to introduce something that is not taught or practiced in the New Testament. Those who introduce instruments in an effort to tear down walls with denominations unwittingly reconstruct the same walls between themselves and their own brothers and sisters.

In conclusion, our intention is to take a strong stand for the truth while maintaining a spirit of kindness and love for all of the Lord's people. In the past, men and women who dared to take a stand by defending God's Word and opposing error were often mischaracterized, criticized or even persecuted for their faithfulness. Even Elijah was once described as the "troubler of Israel" (1 Kings 18:17). Ironically, those introducing cultural change among God's people (Jezebel and Ahab) accused the man standing for God's will (Elijah), as being the one who was troubling Israel. We hope the same thing does not happen today.

Finally, it is right to use a cappella singing in worship. No one questions the practice of a cappella singing. The same certainty cannot be applied to the use of musical instruments. A cappella music is safe. A cappella music is part of God's will for worship. A cappella music was the practice of the New Testament church. A cappella music is authorized by the New Testament and therefore is biblical.

We refuse to move from a position of certainty to a position of uncertainty. We will stand on this solid foundation. The strongest winds of change will not move us. The strongest pressure will not silence us, so help us God.


Aaron Austin (Age 22) Moore, OK
Aaron Fernando (Age 53) Rockland, MA
Aaron Johnson (Age 60) Cedar Rapids, IA
Abel Chafla
Abigail Lynch (Age 64) New York, NY
Adam Evans (Age 27) Norfork, AR
Adrian Carrico (Age 35) Norcross, GA
Adriana Rollin (Age 33) Tulsa, OK
Aimee Davis (Age 54) Springfield, MA
AJ Whole (age 39) Yuma, AZ
Alan H. Judd (Age 28) Allons, TN
Alan Lord (Age 40) Blue Ridge, SC
Alan Martin (Age 42) Thomasville, NC
Alan Martin (Age 50) Edmond, OK
Alan Nalley (Age 43) Curitiba, Brazil
Albert Brown (Age 46) Cherry Tree, PA
Alex Jessie (Age 49) Hattiesburg, MS
Alfred Marshall (Age 52) Indianapolis, IN
Alia Harley (Age 24) Anniston, AL
Alice Lowery (Age 50) Fairview, OH
Alice Price (Age 52) Dover, NJ
Alice Rusin (Age 28) Bland, VA
Alice Wadley (Age 52) Norwich, NY
Allan Lay (Age 40) Owasso, OK
Allen Dutton Jr. M. D. (Age 43) Campinas, Brazil
Allen Webster (Age 41) Jacksonville, AL
Alvin Jennings (age 78) Hurst, TX
Amanda Yates (Age 45) Earlington, KY
Amy Johnson (Age 31) Nashville, TN
Amy Whitehead (Age 52) Arlington, TX
Andrea Lira (Age 40) Clarksburg, WV
Andrea Long (Age 36) Galt, MO
Andrew C. Nelson (Age 23) Homerville, GA
Andrew Kimsey (Age 31) Corpus Christi, TX
Andrew Snyder (Age 39) Richmond, IN
Andy Connelly (Age 40) Nashville, TN
Andy Delary (Age 47) Jackson, MS
Angela Massie (Age 34) Bozeman, MT
Angela Wood (Age 28) San Francisco, CA
Angelita Holmes (Age 39) Haledon, NJ
Anne Gott (Age 41) Dallas, TX
Annette Hargrove (Age 33) Bryantville, MA
Annie Tisdale (Age 34) Burlingame, CA
Anthony Bosco (Age 55) Virginia Beach, VA
Anthony Gross (Age 25) Wheeling, IL
Anthony Harvey (Age 24) Garner, NC
Antonia Barstow (Age 49) Polk City, FL
Aren Haggard (Age 23) Haltom City, TX
Arpoika Daniels (Age 40) Seminole, OK
Arthur Taylor (Age 35) Chicago, IL
Ashley Ishmael (Age 12) Allen, TX
Ashley Mccaslin (Age 34) Los Angeles, CA
Ashley Morse (Age 55) Mankato, MN
Barbara Anderson (Age 22) Shelby, IN
Barbara Black (Age 36) Dorchester, MA
Barbara Iddings (Age 57) West Palm Beach, FL
Barbara Perez (Age 53) La Grande, OR
Barbara Reynolds (Age 61) Meridian, MS
Barrett Vanlandingham (Age 42) Fort Gibson, OK
Barry Baggott (Age 45) Columbia, TN
Barry Kennedy (Age 34) Jacksonville, AL
Barry Poyner (Age 45) Kirksville, MO
Belen Oathout (Age 34) San Francisco, CA
Ben Galloway (Age 32) Fayetteville, TN
Ben Wright (Age 34) Carbon Hill, AL
Benjamin Pickens (Age 44) Phoenix, AZ
Bennie Martin (Age 41) Oakland, MD
Bettie Dorsey (Age 55) Arlington, VA
Betty Luton (Age 47) Los Angeles, CA
Betty Nugent (Age 56) Los Angeles, CA
Bill Jones (Age 55) Stratford, OK
Billy Caruso (Age 55) Hayward, CA
Billy Clabaugh (Age 33) Ft. Cobb, OK
Billy Hayes (Age 30) Munford, AL
Billy J. Barrett (Age 45) Madison, TN
Billy Plummer (Age 50) Peoria, IL
Blake O’Quin (Age 25) Shawnee, OK
Blanca Ellison (Age 63) Winter Park, FL
Bob Fisher
Bobby Moulton (Age 55) San Diego, CA
Bonnie Scott (Age 40) Syracuse, NY
Bonnie Young (Age 42) Manchester, NH
Brandi Piper (Age 34) Long Beach, CA
Brandon Jackson (Age 30) Jasper, AL
Brandon Smith (Age 58) Florence, SC
Brandon Sumners (Age 34) Gonzales, LA
Brenda K Harris(58) Oklahoma City OK
Brent Gallagher (Age 50) Fairmont, WV
Brent Missildine (Age 44) Prattville, AL
Brent Pollard (Age 32) Elizabethtown, NC
Brett Gerhardt (Age 44) Austin, TX
Brett McKnight (Age 42) Norman, OK
Brian Cullen (Age 26) La Follette, TN
Brian Gentle (Age 35) Jackson, AL
Brian Jordan (Age 64) New Ulm, TX
Brian Meas (Age 51) Ogden, IA
Brian Simmons (Age 39) Hayward, CA
Brian Wilson (Age 24) Phoenix, AZ
Broderick Greer (Age 17) Fort Worth, TX
Bruce Brown (Age 25) Ames, IA
Bryan Johnson (Age 24) Orlando, FL
Bryon Jones (Age 64) Monroeville, AL
Buddy Johnson (Age 28) Cookeville, TN
Buster Sides (Age 33) Chandler, OK
Byron E. Benitez (Age 37) Guatemala
Byron Packer (Age 21) Newark, NJ
Caleb Glenn Colley (Age 24) Montgomery, AL
Cameron Ellenberger (Age 51) Kansas City, MO
Cameron Ryan (Age 59) Milford, IL
Carl Galloway (Age 55) Richmond, VA
Carlos Orourke (Age 24) Upland, CA
Carol Javier (Age 65) Norcross, GA
Carrie Brown (Age 45) Chicago, IL
Carrie Stallings (Age 63) Cedar Rapids, IA
Casey Dick (Age 20) Fayetteville, AR
Cassandra Cassidy (Age 47) Rochester, NY
Catherine Wiley (Age 26) Beltsville, MD
Cathy Goates (59) Astoria, OR
Celia Hobbs (Age 64) Montville, CT
Chad Ezelle (Age 22) Collierville, TN
Charles Allan (Age 53) Jackson, MS
Charles Brymer (Age 22) Florence, AL
Charles Cho (Age 60) Brentwood, NY
Charles Christensen (Age 33) Malung, MN
Charles Kochan (Age 50) Garden City, NY
Charles R. Lollar (Age 60) Northport, AL
Charlie Bailey (Age 48) Eufaula, OK
Cheryl Galipeau (Age 32) Lansing, MI
Cheryl Robinson (Age 33) Buffalo, NY
Cheryl Young (Age 45) Chicago, IL
Chris Daniels (Age 24) Abilene TX
Chris Hill (Age 35) Luther, OK
Chris Hodges (Age 30) Brandon, FL
Chris Ishmael (Age 47) Allen, TX
Chris Lockhart (Age 29) Columbia, TN
Chris McCurley (Age 34) Cassville, MO
Chris Stinnett (Age 51) Seminole, OK
Christina Billings (Age 65) Larchwood, IA
Christina Boulier (Age 31) Corpus Christi, TX
Christine Swift (Age 62) Carbondale, IL
Christopher Despres (Age 45) Rising Sun, IN
Christopher Heather (Age 65) Eden, TX
Christopher M. Gallagher (Age 32) Mount Pleasant,
Christopher Ratley (Age 29) Alexandria, LA
Chuck Monan (Age 43) Little Rock, AR
Clara Hobbs (Age 60) Coyle, OK
Clarence Bevill (Age 48) Seymour, IN
Clarence Fender (Age 46) Fullerton, CA
Clarence Ostrander (Age 47) Greenville, NC
Cliff Craig (Age 54) Shawnee, OK
Cliff Sabroe (Age 26) Visalia, CA
Clint Brown (Age 37) Wynnewood, OK
Clint Davison (Age 38) Meridian, ID
Cordie Murphy (Age 28) Washington, MD
Cory Collins (Age 51) Florence, AL
Courtney King (Age 49) Visalia, CA
Craig Collins (Age 54) Murfreesboro, TN
Craig Evans (Age 34) Calvert City, KY
Craig Schackleford (Age 39) Middleton, TN
Cris May (Age 34) Buckner, AR
D.W. Drummond (Age 30) Oxnard, CA
Daisy Savage (Age 52) Jersey City, NJ
Dale Daniels (Age 31) Lyndhurst, NJ
Dale Ferdinand (Age 28) Dayton, TX
Dale Hartman (Age 55) OKC, OK
Dale Hubbard (Age 46) Guin, AL
Dale Jenkins (Age 44) Spring Hill, TN
Dale Ledbetter ( Age 51) Jackson, MS
Dalton Key (Age 50) Tulsa, OK
Dan Bedwell (Age 48) Baton Rouge, LA
Dan Bowerman (Age 23) White Plains, CT
Dan Chambers (Age 41) Maryville, TN
Dan Mayfield (Age 48) Owatonna, MN
Dan R. Owen (Age 53) Paducah, KY
Danelle Sanchez (Age 35) Kokomo, IN
Daniel Rielly (Age 26) Murray, KY
Daniel Schnell (Age 50) Owasso, OK
Daniel Westfield (Age 47) Fremont, CA
Daniel Williams (Age 27) Riverside, CA
Dannie Evans (Age 61) Asheville, NC
Danny Boggs (Age 36) Neosho, MO
Danny England (Age 35) Fremont, CA
Danny Rogers (Age 34) Winchester, TN
Danny Stewart (Age 52) Ada, OK
Darcie Cooper (Age 63) Hartford, CT
Darold Roszel (Age 50) OKC, OK
Darryl Wingo (Age 51) Shawnee, OK
Dave Chamberlin Jr. (Age 49) Indianapolis, IN
Dave Hart (Age 46) Winslow. AZ
David A. McCain (Age 53) Mt. Pleasant, TX
David A. Paher (Age 30) Andalusia, AL
David Banks (Age 40) Van Buren, AR
David Bearden (Age 49) Greeley, CO
David Bentley (Age 40) Chicago, IL
David Bowden (Age 19) Wellston, OK
David Brassfield (Age 52) Newalla, OK
David Cox (Age 42) South Burlington, VT
David Deffenbaugh (Age 45) Tahlequah, OK
David Dinkins (Age 22) Anchorage, AK
David Gilmore (Age 55) Washington, MD
David Goates (Age 30) Astoria, OR
David Hall (Age 51) Bowie, TX
David Hamrick (Age 50) Colleyville, TX
David Hogue (Age 60) Renton, WA
David Morris (Age 32) Columbia, TN
David Newberry (Age 50) Chicago, IL
David Peters (Age 51) Lennox, SD
David R. Shannon (Age 40) Mount Juliet, TN
David Rodriguez (Age 30) Ada, OK
David Shearer (Age 45) Marshalltown, IA
David W. Hester (Age 42) Pinson, AL
David Way (Age 40) Quaker Lake, PA
David Wood (Age 26) New Orleans, LA
Dawn Pulido (Age 23) Saint Petersburg, FL
Deanna Reyna (Age 38) Farmington, AR
Debra Martin (Age 34) Denver, CO
Delbert Newberry (Age 49) Fullerton, CA
Denise Rodriguez (Age 39) Scottsdale, AZ
Dennis R. Murphy (Age 55) New Market, TN
Denny Petrillo (Age 53) Denver, CO
Denton Landon (Age 50) Winston Salem, NC
Diana Guthrie (Age 28) Grand Rapids, MI
Diana Jordon (Age 26) Lubbock, TX
Diane Placeres (Age 53) Detroit, MI
Dilbert Manatee
Don Carlile (Age 67) Denton, TX
Don Gartman (Age 35) Bristol, CT
Don Williams (Age 50) Killen, NC
Donald Cherry (Age 46) Poteau, OK
Donna Anderson (Age 30) Plano, TX
Donnie Bates (Age 49) Hugo, OK
Donnie DeBord (Age 23) Burnsville, MS
Dony Rodriguez (Age 35) Apipilulco, Mexico
Dorothy Linger (Age 60) Cambridge, MA
Doub Edmonds (Age 50) La Grande, OR
Doug Couch (Age 52) White Bluff, TN
Doug Greenway (Age 52) Tupelo, MS
Doug Smith (Age 42) Montgomery, AL
Doug Weaver (Age 71) Oklahoma City, OK
Doug Wheeler (age 55) Norman, OK
Douglas Bush (Age 50) Lewiston, ID
Douglas Ottinger (Age 33) Prescott, AZ
Douglas Smith (Age 26) Miami, FL
Drew Kizer (Age 32) Leeds, AL
Dustin Brock (Age 29) Albertville, AL
Earl Brown (Age 47) Newell, SD
Earl Griffin (age 65) Henderson TN
Earl Nelson (Age 73) Duncan, OK
Echo Masada (Age 39) Waterloo, MI
Ed Linebaugh (Age 53) Huntsville, AL
Ed Melott (Age 28) New Martinsville, WV
Ed Stover (Age 36) Edgewood, TX
Eddie Boggess (Age 34) La Fayette, GA
Eddie Parrish (Age 38) Bedford, TX
Eddie Vedder (Age 42)
Eddison Fowler (Age 54) Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Eddy Gilpin (Age 46) Salem, VA
Edith Knepper (Age 24) Los Angeles, CA
Edna Powell (Age 33) Fremont, CA
Edsol Crowder
Edward Bickerstaff (Age 39) Metairie, LA
Edward Legg (Age 27) Hialeah, FL
Elizabeth Bennett (Age 64) Poteau, OK
Elizabeth Rudge (Age 60) New Egypt, NJ
Emerson Greenleaf (Age 44) Silver Spring, MD
Emily Koss (Age 55) Quincy, MA
Emma Webb (Age 27) Southfield, MI
Emory Buckner (Age 24) Dayton, TN
Enid Hollis (Age 22) Los Angeles, CA
Eric Castle (Age 25) Redding, CA
Eric Dishongh (Age 26) New Orleans, LA
Eric Lyons (Age 31) Montgomery, AL
Eric Sather (Age 56) Seattle, WA
Eric Welch (Age 34) Iasi, Romania
Erica Ventura (Age 47) Santa Rosa, CA
Erick Henson (Age 33) Tecumseh, Ok
Ernestine Trussell (Age 65) Clifton, TX
Etha Cordova (Age 57) Elmhurst, IL
Eugene Landry (Age 54) Grelton, OH
Eunice Smith (Age 29) Baltimore, MD
Eva Gurkin (Age 21) Camden, NJ
Eva Keaton (Age 32) Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Fraizer (Age 30) Atlanta, GA
Evelyn Pridgen (Age 43) Bentonville, AR
Everett Barnes (Age 63) Nashville, TN
everett confer (age 50) New Haven,IN
Everette Rios (Age 47) Laredo, TX
F.R. Seay
Forest Orourke (Age 41) Providence, RI
Frank Delgadilo (Age 63) Alhambra, CA
Frank Rivera (Age 43) Greenfield, IN
Frank Sarver
Frank Schmidt (Age 35) Rolling Prairie, IN
Fred Cowley (Age 69) Fort Worth, TX
Fred Kroeger (Age 53) Wauseon, OH
Fred Rhodes (Age 52) OKC, OK
Frederick Hines (Age 54) Carlisle, PA
Fredrick Starks (Age 41) San Antonio, TX
Garrett Zavala (Age 33) Oroville, CA
Garrick Sullivan (Age 33) Eutaw, AL
Garry Barnes (Age 63) Morris, AL
Gary Knuckles (Age 54) Benton, KY
Gary L. Bennett (Age 48) Grand Island, NE
Gary Massey Jr. (Age 34) Chattanooga, TN
Gary Morse (Age 64) Durham, NC
Gary Salazar (Age 21) Eugene, OR
Gary Williams (Age 48) Tupelo, MS
Gene Cooper (Age 43) Washington, DC
Gene McCarty (Age61) Knox City, TX
George Beckham (Age 29) Palo Alto, CA
George Groenendyk (Age 22) New Berlin, WI
George Jensen (Age 43) Tanzania, East Africa
George Johnson Jr. (Age 53) Pikeville, KY
George Windsor (Age 35) Omaha, NE
Gerald E. Watkins (Age 45) Austin, TX
Gerald McGill (Age 52) Kansas City, MO
Glen Goates (Age 54) Astoria, OR
Glenn Colley (Age 48) Huntsville, AL
Glenn D. Edwards (Age 62) Cottondale, AL
Glenn Record (Age 39) Huntsville, AL
Gloria Lee (Age 41) Pittsburgh, PA
Grace Islaw (Age 40) Skokamonk, IN
Graham Johnson (Age 46) City Of Commerce, CA
Grant B. Sullivan (Age 30) Bixby, OK
Grant Williams (Age 51) Donahue, IA
Greg Dial (Age 39) Killen, AL
Greg Nash (Age 43) Fayetteville, GA
Gregg Elrod (Age 44) Columbia, TN
Gregg Knight (Age 53) Pottsboro, TX
Gregory Buckingham (Age 62) Chicago, IL
Gregory K. Lewis (Age 50) Richmond, VA
Gregory Marbus (Age 63) Allentown, PA
Gregory Olivier (Age 58) Rockwood, MI
Guy M. Baker, Sr. (Age 50) Hillsborough, NC
Guy Orr (Age 35) Newark, NJ
Gwen Ishmael ( Age 46) Allen TX
Harold Pitts
Harriet Ford (Age 63) Dallas, TX
Harry Murphy (Age 31) Fullerton, CA
Hawatthia Jones (Age 47) Guatemala
Heath Stapleton (Age 35) Arlington, TX
Heather Sykes (Age 25) Elmhurst, IL
Heather Woods (Age 40) Stockton, CA
Helen Files (Age 32) Lawrence, MA
Helen Johnson (Age 44) Providence, RI
Helen Moses (Age 44) Dallas, TX
Helen Turner (Age 28) Irvine, CA
Henry Hammond (Age 34) Washington, DC
Henry Murray (Age 57) Framingham, MA
Herbert Gibbs (Age 57) Lafayette, LA
Herman D. Werm (age 55) CA
Herman Gerstner (Age 35) Springfield, MA
Hong Rogers (Age 39) Everett, WA
Howard Cox (Age 65) Little Rock, AR
Howard Tedford (Age 38) Baltimore, MD
Hoyt Wasser (Age 54) Mansfield, MA
Huffen Gass (Age 42) Bentstick, OK
Ida Stone (Age 33) Beaumont, TX
Ina Barclay (Age 50) Riverside, CA
Irene Kretzinger (Age 61) Fort Myers, FL
Irma Tonn (Age 55) Dayton, OH
Irwin R. Fletcher (Age 52) Belle Isle, LA
Isaac Mclain (Age 47) Dallas, TX
Ivory Morris (Age 45) San Leandro, CA
J. Todd Clippard (Age 40) Hamilton, AL
Jackie Compton (Age 43) Provo, UT
Jacob Benton (Age 43) Katy, TX
Jacob Jensen (Age 18) Tanzania, East Africa
Jacob Manning (Age 24) Elizabethtown, KY
Jacob Rutledge (Age 16) Mt. Vernon, TX
Jake Hudson (Age 24) Madill, OK
James Allen Wiser (30) Malibu, CA
James Brown (Age 35) Springfield, MO
James C. Gee (Age 41) Tanzania, East Africa
James Craft (Age 53) Atlanta, GA
James Cudd (Age 51) Hinton, OK
James Dale (Age 44) Phoenix, AZ
James Eaves (Age 27) Gonzales, LA
James Guerra (Age 59) Boston, MA
James H. Dalton (Age 22) Blytheville, AR
James Harris, Jr. (Age 54) Anchorage, AK
James Hayes (Age 30) Joelton, TN
James Little (Age 40) Kansas City, MO
James Pasley (Age 34) Butler, AL
James Pfiffner (Age 32) Reno, NV
James Simmons (age 55), CA
James Slater (Age 30) Cambridge, MA
James W. Farris (Age 35) Florence, AL
Jamie Beller (Age 32) Marlow, OK
Jane Perez (Age 52) Fertile, MN
Jane Taylor (Age 42) Sterling, OH
Janelle Burnett (Age 65) Baltimore, MD
Janice Bethea (Age 26) Columbus, OH
Janice Edwards (Age 45) Greensboro, AL
Janice Trotman (Age 51) Louisville, KY
Janice Weeks (Age 38) New Castle, PA
Jason Baylis (Age 39) Maitland, FL
Jason Chesser (Age 35) Wetumpka, AL
Jason Fish (Age 35) McPherson, KS
Jason McDade (Age 34) Memphis, TN
Jason Moon (Age 37) Huntsville, AL
Jason P. Hilburn (Age 33) Luverne, AL
Jason Snethen (Age 30) Bristol, England
Jason Stapleton (Age 28) Paoli, IN
Jason Willis (Age 25) TyTy, GA
Jean Ednie (Age 28) Boca Raton, FL
Jeff Abrams (Age 44) Tuscumbia, AL
Jeff Archey (Age 44) Cleveland, TN
Jeff Arnette (Age 34) Knoxville, TN
Jeff Coalson (Age 44) Commerce, GA
Jeff Jenkins (Age 48) Lewisville, TX
Jeff Johnston (Age 48) Ethridge, TN
Jeff Rich (Age 46) Beallsville, OH
Jeffery Kinney (Age 27) San Diego, CA
Jeffrey A. Oaks (Age 45) Fort Scott, KS
Jennifer Munks (Age 28) Manchester, MO
Jennifer Riddick (Age 26) Nutley, NJ
Jennifer Velasco (Age 48) Logan, UT
Jeramie D. Sweet (Age 29) Sachse, TX
Jerell Harris (Age 35) Nashville, TN
Jeremie Beller (Age 29) Oklahoma City, OK
Jeremy Agee (Age 47) Columbus, OH
Jeremy James (Age 31) Arlington, TN
Jeremy Sprouse (Age 28) Muskogee, OK
Jeremy T. Butt (Age 29) Santa Fe, TN
Jeremy Watts (Age 47) San Jose, CA
Jerold Key (Age 50) Richmond, VA
Jerry Bates (Age 53) Corinth, MS
Jerry Bennett (Age 60) Charlotte, NC
Jerry Elder (Age 47) Columbia, TN
Jerry Manning (Age 51) West Columbia, SC
Jerry Monholland (Age 49) Texarkana, TX
Jerry O. Davidson (Age 62) Summerdale, AL
Jerry Stevens (Age 51) Oakland, CA
Jerry Sturgill (Age 42) Ashland, KY
Jessica Brunson (Age 62) Gustine, TX
Jessie Dudek (Age 41) New Haven, CT
Jesus Quintana (Age 40) Los Angeles, CA
Jim Cymbals (Ave 33), Paris, KY
Jim Harris (Age 51) Medina, TX
Jim Liles (Age 53) Saint Louis, MO
Jim Mitchell (Age 51) Harrah, OK
Jimie-Wray Mead (Age 37) Muskogee, OK
Jimmy Bradshaw (Age 40) Cross Plains, TN
Jimmy Holland (Age 22) Esto, FL
Joanna Jackson (Age 42) Deerfield Beach, FL
Joe Williams (Age 30) Chapel Hill, TN
Joel Dimmette (Age 27) Vicksburg, MS
Joey Sparks (Age 24) Jasper, AL
John Burley (Age 37) Louisville, KY
John Chowning (44) Fort Wayne, IN
John Coll (Age 43) Seattle, WA
John E. Werhan (Age 51) Sentinel, OK
John Enoch (Age 34) Bedford, IN
John F. Board (Age 42) Bridgeport, WV
John Flickinger (Age 37) French Villager, MD
John Gaines (Age 54) Burlington, WA
John J. Barker (Age 35) Atlanta, TX
John Kraebel (Age 42) Huntley, IL
John Marble (Age 20) Lane, OK
John Matheson (Age 49) Los Angeles, CA
John Pearce (Age 49) Honolulu, HI
John Reddy (Age 51) Richmond, VA
John Reese
John Roudybush (Age 33) Monroe, LA
Johnie D. Fredman (Age 35) Ada, OK
Johnnie Nichols (Age 49) Lexington, KY
Johnny Dunigan, Tomball, TX (Age 47)
Johnny Harris Jr. (Age 48) Bumpus Mills, TN
Johnny Hinton (Age 45) Edmond, OK
Johnny O. Trail (Age 36) Hartsville, TN
Jonathan Brandon (Age 44) Clarion, IA
Jonathan Crowell (Age 27) Wilburton, OK
Jonathan Foster (Age 55) Denver, CO
Jonathan Hudson (Age 40) Sugar Land, TX
Jonathan Pettus (Age 25) Nashville, TN
Jonathan Riser (Age 41) Bland, MO
Jonathan Stroud (Age 31) Austell, GA
Jonathan Walters (Age 65) Jackson, MS
Joseph Clemmer (Age 50) Calabasas, CA
Joseph Jones (Age 41) Buffalo Grove, IL
Joseph Moore (Age 34) Cambridge, MA
Joseph Pauley (Age 30) Belle, WV
Joseph Sears (Age 27) Mannford, OK
Josh Allen (Age 28) Morristown, TN
Josh Austin (Age 32) Kayenta, AZ
Josh Linton (Age 28) Corsicana, TX
Josh McCrary (Age 23) Belmont, MS
Joshua Daly (Age 29) Springfield, MO
Juan Ambriz (Age 35) Lewisville, TX
Juan Lewis (Age 23) Frankfort, KY
Juan Robertson (Age 46) Kaysville, UT
Judy Downey (Age 31) New Castle, IN
Julia Lindsay (Age 42) Columbus, GA
Juliana Flanagan (Age 25) Baltimore, MD
Justin Davila (Age 40) Topeka, KS
Justin Imel
Justin Odom (Age 32) Fairfield, IL
Karen Maifeld (Age 28) San Diego, CA
Kari Perrodin (Age 54) Topeka, KS
Karl Patterson (Age 34) Emily, MN
Katherine Timmerman (Age 45) Harrisburg, PA
Kathleen Barberr (Age 56) Columbus, GA
Kathleen Price (Age 25) Providence, RI
Kathy Minix (Age 27) Live Oak, FL
Keith Barnett (Age 54) Russellville, AL
Keith Hinds (Age 54) San Marcos, CA
Keith Kasarjian (Age 39) Pikeville, KY
Keith Odonnell (Age 50) Avon Park, FL
Keith Richardson (Age 45) Portland, ME
Kelly Baeza (Age 63) Saint Louis, MO
Kelly White (Age 44) Oklahoma City, OK
Kenneth Kiley (Age 33) Watertown, SD
Kenneth Taylor (Age 26) New Hope, AL
Kerry Couch (Age 52) Columbia, TN
Kerry J. Burkey (Age 51) Rockledge, FL
Keven Yates (Age 51) Grand Rapids, MI
Kevin Boatman (Age 48) Irvine, CA
Kevin Dye (Age 46) Murfreesboro, TN
Kevin Fallon (Age 47) San Diego, CA
Kevin Langford (Age 32) Keller, TX
Kevin Larson (Age 51) Oklahoma City, OK
Kevin Rayner (Age 48) Tecumseh, OK
Kevin Shimp (Age 47) Longmont, CO
Kevin Smith (Age 44) Gadsden, AL
Kevin Williams (Age 46) Benton, KY
Kim Kelly (Age 64) Farmington Hills, MI
Kim Wright (Age 32) Pelahatchie, MS
Kimberly Fahey (Age 26) Prague, NE
Kimberly Ryan (Age 27) Detroit, MI
Kimberly Smith (Age 57) Jacksonville, FL
Kip L. Green (Age 35) Wartrace, TN
Kipton L. Garrett, MD (Age 39) Dyer, AR
Kirby Hinds (Age 44) Madisonville, TN
Kirk Brothers (Age 42) Columbia, TN
Kirk Talley (Age 31) Livingston, TN
Kirt Hughett (Age 35) Windsor, CO
Kris Groda (Age 31) San Angelo, TX
Kristy Baver (Age 49) New Kensington, PA
Kyle Bolton (Age 46) Keller, TX
Kyle D. Massengale (Age 40) Birmingham, AL
Kyle S. Allen (Age 29) New Delhi, India
Lance Cordle (Age 47) Calvert City, KY
Lance Strickland (Age 24) Santa Fe Springs, CA
Landon Rowell (Age 28) Hydro, OK
Larry E. Montgomery (Age 52) Tuscumbia, AL
Larry Jones (Age 49) Talco, TX
Larry Mcneal (Age 64) Reno, NV
Larry Redmond (Age 50) Chapel Hill, TN
Larry Zinck (Age 52) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Laura Rowley (Age 55) Jesuit Bend, LA
Laverne Steven (Age 36) Henderson, NV
Lawrence Hastings (Age 65) Memphis, TN
Lawrence Little (Age 50) Danbury, CT
Lawrence Perron (Age 30) Los Angeles, CA
Laydon B. Syde, Stillwater, OK (Age 63)
Layne Heitz (Age 43) Durant, OK
Lee Webb (Age 24) San Antonio, TX
Leo Williams (Age 45) Toledo, OH
Leonard Goode (Age 40) Louisville, KY
Lew Sur (Age 35) Searcy, AR
Lilly Reid (Age 57) Chicago, IL
Linda Mayer (Age 24) Wahoo, NE
Linda Medeiros (Age 39) Emerson, NE
Linda Otoole (Age 54) Pittsburgh, PA
Lindell Mitchell (Age 52) Livingston, TX
Lisa Green (Age 51) Jackson, MS
Logan Cates (Age 30) Oklahoma City, OK
Lonnie Jones (Age 44) Huntsville, AL
Lori Reed (Age 57) Irvine, CA
Lori Reeves (Age 48) Kenosha, WI
Louis Gross (Age 57) La Valle, WI
Louis Rushmore (Age 53) Cameron, WV
Louis Thompson (Age 44) Milwaukee, WI
Lucy Ferr (Age 2,000) Gehenna
Luis Camacho (Age 35) Frankfort, IN
Luke Griffin (Age 31) Jacksonville, AL
Luke Jensen (Age 16) Tanzania, East Africa
Lyman T Thomas (age 77)Oakley,Ks
Lyndell Foster (age75) Fort Smith, AR
Ma Leonard (Age 48) Peoria, IL
Machiel Greyling (Age 22) Keller, TX
Maggie Hughes (Age 63) Nashville, TN
Manuel Greenhalgh (Age 59) Lake Park, GA
Marc Ellis (Age 34) DeQueen, AR
Marci Nez (Age 39) Fort Worth, TX
Margaret Rich (Age 40) Warminster, PA
Margie Jackson (Age 31) New York, NY
Marguerite Sharp (Age 29) Jackson, WY
Maria Burse (Age 38) Chisholm, MN
Maria Lovick (Age 24) New York, NY
Maria Smith (Age 52) Frederick, MD
Marie Aziz (Age 47) Grand Island, NE
Marie Williams (Age 24) San Diego, CA
Marilyn Edmunds (Age 26) Deltona, FL
Marilyn Loftin (Age 34) Asheville, NC
Marion Carr (Age 43) Creston, IL
Marisol Cruz (Age 33) Fairport, NY
Marjorie Fogg (Age 46) Huntsville, AL
Marjorie Garfield (Age 24) Toledo, OH
Mark Drake (Age 61) St Joe, IN
Mark Hammer (Age 23) Long Island, NY
Mark Hocutt (Age 50) Clinton, SC
Mark Howell (Age 43) Atwood, TN
Mark Johnson (Age 47) Olympia, WA
Mark Littleton (Age 38) Opp, AL
Mark Martin (Age 45) Lincoln, AL
Mark Miller (Age 48) Redwater, TX
Mark N. Posey (Age 42) Decatur, AL
Mark Rudolph (Age 49) Los Angeles, CA
Mark Stanley (Age 59) Dallas, TX
Mark T. Tonkery (Age 32) Little Hocking, OH
Mark Teshe (Age 40) Bedford, TX
Mark Williams (Age 63) Everett, WA
Marsha Sanchez (Age 36) San Antonio, TX
Martin Ibarra (Age 38) Lewisville, TX
Marty Kessler (Age 50) Choctaw, OK
Marty Trujillo
Mary Baker (Age 48) Garden City, NY
Mary Donnellan (Age 34) Asheville, NC
Mary Jones (Age 64) Los Angeles, CA
Mary Minder (Age 51) Phoenix, AZ
Mary Rosborough (Age 60) Bokeelia, FL
Mary Scott (Age 65) Denver, CO
Mason Johnson (Age 64) Memphis, TN
Mathew Riley (Age 42) Newark, NJ
Matt Amos (Age 45) Knoxville, TN
Matt Clifton (36) McCrory, AR
Matt Goodman (Age 32) Asheville, NC
Matt Richardson (Age 42) Sayre, OK
Matt Yuhas (Age 38) Columbia, TN
Matthew Crove (Age 23) Gadsden, AL
Matthew Dalton (Age 23) Johannesburg, South Africa
Matthew Edwards (Age 28) Binghamton, NY
Matthew Ginsel (Age 52) Santa Fe Springs, CA
Matthew L. Bailey (Age 29) Colleyville, TX
Matthew Larson (Age 31) Ridgefield, WA
Matthew Taliaferro (Age 62) Blaine, MN
Maurice Ward Not a preacher. Age 76 Athens Texas
Max Rinderer (Age 30) Mcallen, TX
Maybelle Leachman (Age 49) Kirkland, WA
Mayra Johnson (Age 37) Crater Lake, OR
Mel Latorre (Age 31) Curitiba, Brazil
Melvin L. Otey (Age 32) Washington, DC
Michael Butters (Age 42) Providence Forge, VA
Michael Clarke Duncan Los Angles, CA
Michael Fowler (Age 27) Buckhorn, KY
Michael Gilbert (Age 27) DeKalb, TX
Michael Gilson (Age 39) Dekalb, IL
Michael Haskins (Age 35) New York, NY
Michael Jilk (Age 29) Plainview, NE
Michael L. Mamula Jr., OH.
Michael Lamis (Age 47) Greenville, SC
Michael Meals (Age 39) Knoxville, TN
Michael Robinson (Age 48) Cottonwood, CA
Michael Vincent Scott (Age 58) Prescott, AZ
Michael Wymer (Age 43) Freeburg, MO
Micheal Todd (Age 46) Sacramento, CA
Mike Bailey (Age 36) Abilene, TX
Mike Baker (Age 45) Lewisburg, TN
Mike Coffee (Age 44) Channahon, IL
Mike Lewis (Age 38) Lewisville, TX
Mike Mitchell (Age 70) Belleville, IL
Mike Ray (Age 46) Fairhope, AL
Mike Shelburne (Age 46) Shawnee, OK
Mike Underwood (Age 47) Atlanta, GA
Mike Webb (Age 32) Cookeville, TN
Mildred Epperson (Age 42) Chicago, IL
Mildred Hughes (Age 55) Stamford, CT
Mona Lowenstein (Age 29) Indianapolis, IN
Monica Holmes (Age 57) Lawrence, MA
Myra Mcchesney (Age 37) Arlington, VA
Nancy Salas (Age 24) Graham, TX
Nannie Neitzke (Age 33) Mc Kinney, TX
Natasha Springer (Age 45) Los Angeles, CA
Nathan Hane (Age 36) Grants Pass, OR
Nathan Honeycutt (Age 30) Poplar Bluff, MO
Nathan Ross (Age 23) Mt. Vernon, MO
Natividad Darrell (Age 55) Zenda, KS
Neal Pollard (Age 37) Denver, CO
Neil Richey (Age 30) Greenville, SC
Nicholas Keegan (Age 25) Colorado Springs, CO
Nickey Nichols (Age 49) Murfreesboro, TN
Nicolas Croucher (Age 43) Roanoke, TX
Noreen Tracy (Age 32) Monterey, CA
Norman Florez (Age 54) Tremont, PA
Oscar Aguilar (Age 24) Mountain View, WY
Owen Dean (Age 67) Woodland Park, CO
Pamala Foreman (Age 49) New York, NY
Pamela Anderson (Age 59) Rocky Mount, NC
Pat McIntosh (Age 50) Cleburne, TX
Patricia Davis (Age 24) Lumberton, NC
Patricia Dawson (Age 62) Smyrna, TN
Patricia Martin (Age 44) West Palm Beach, FL
Patricia Moore (Age 61) Piscataway, NJ
Patricia Newsome (Age 46) Reserve, NM
Patrick Cowden (Age 45) Crossville, TN
Patrick Morrison (Age 29) Jasper, AL
Patrick Swayne (Age 22) Melbourne, Australia
Patrick Valladares (Age 64) Jonesboro, AR
Paul Darety
Paul F. Jarman (Age 45) Farmersville, CA
Paul Kearby (Age 51) OKC, OK
Paul Merideth (Age 30) Louisville, KY
Paul Mowrer (Age 48) Monticello, AR
Paul Walvoord (Age 21) Edmond OK.
Peggy Washburn (Age 41) Chicago, IL
Percy Hartness (Age 38) Jellico, TN
Perry Taylor (Age 54) Florence, AL
Phil Perkins (age 56) Bozeman, MT
Phil Sanders (Age 55) Brentwood, TN
Philip Hathcock (Age 54) Amory, MS
Philip Johnson (Age 33) Norman, OK
Philip Norwood (Age 48) Whiteville, N.C.
Philip Rudy (Age 48) Los Angeles, CA
Phillip Amezquita (Age 41) San Diego, CA
Phillip Brannon (Age 27) Sanford, NC
Polly Lance (Age 43) Tulsa, OK
Rachael Evans (Age 49) Fort Myers, FL
Rachel Romaine (Age 44) Baton Rouge, LA
Ramon Lopez (Age 53) Lake Lillian, MN
Randall Evans (Age 35) Cadiz, KY
Randell Buzzard (Age 52) New York, NY
Randy Brooks (Age 55) Maitland, FL
Randy Carroll (Age 35) Dresden, Germany
Randy Mathis (Age 29) Whitesboro, TX
Randy Pyle (Age 50) Meridianville, AL
Ray Bevans (Age 49) Clarksville, TN
Ray Downen
Reagan Walters (Age 39) Bakersfield, CA
Reed Swindle (Age 30) Huntsville, AL
Ren McCormack Beaumont
Rene Foss (Age 44) Saginaw, MI
Rene Sheehan (Age 26) Oakland, CA
Richard Alexander (Age 54) Newcastle, OK
Richard Bentley (Age 44) Cary, NC
Richard Berrios (Age 53) Fort Lauderdale, FL
Richard Borden (Age 45) Lebanon, OR
Richard Brown (Age 33) Framingham, MA
Richard Chambers (Age 36) Sallisaw, OK
Richard Cheney (Age 66) Undisclosed location
Richard Cochran (Age 48) Connersville, IN
Richard Crawford (Age 27) Big Island, VA
Richard D. Melson (Age 49) Dayton, OH
Richard Dawkins (Age 66) Oxford, GB
Richard Galeana (Age 47) Corpus Christi, TX
Richard Helms (Age 57) Alexandria, VA
Richard Mcdonald (Age 32) Jefferson City, MO
Richard Mclaughlin (Age 59) Mira Loma, CA
Richard Morton (Age 45) Lewisville, TX
Richard Rutledge (Age 38) Mt. Vernon, TX
Richard Winters (Age 54) Konawa, OK
Rick Austin (Age 52) Stigler, OK
Rick Benson (Age 48) Union, Ms.
Rick Parker (Age 33) Linden, TX
Rickey D Harris(60) OKC OK
Ricky Berger (Age 28) Cordova, AL
Riley Nelson (Age 49) Richmond Hill, GA
Robert Borden (Age 53) Chico, CA
Robert Brough (Age 56) Houston, TX
Robert Dodson (Age 50) Hurst, TX
Robert Eddy (Age 63) Los Angeles, CA
Robert Forney (Age 34) Kirbyville, TX
Robert G Payne (Age 50) South Point, OH
Robert H. Berch (Age 28) Clinton, MS
Robert Heyen (Age 41) Enid, OK
Robert Johnson (Age 52) Longview, TX
Robert Killeen (Age 32) Marquette, MI
Robert Pittard (Age 57) Colorado Springs, CO
Robert Prater (Age 31) Shawnee, OK
Robert Reilly (Age 22) Elkton, MD
Robin Mcnealy (Age 54) Atlanta, GA
Rodney De Vault (Age 59) Topeka, KS
Roger Bentley (Age 37) Tulsa, OK
Roger Comstock (Age 55) Bridgeport, AL
Roger D. Lee, Scottsville, KY
Roger Massey (Age 64) Pataskala, OH
Roger Mccullough (Age 54) Summit, NJ
Romeo Tomlinson (Age 51) Tuscaloosa, AL
Ron Harper (Age 53) Murfreesboro, TN
Ron Moon (Age 35) Hialeah, FL
Ron Royston (Age 48) Granbury, TX
Ron Williams (Age 50) Huntsville, AL
Ronald Harper (Age 29) Milwaukee, WI
Ronald Hubbard (Age 60) Gibsonia, PA
Ronnie Warmoth (Age 44) Newtown, MO
Rosa Lamb (Age 58) Ocala, FL
Rosario Meyer (Age 39) Quimby, IA
Rose Anders (Age 50) Southfield, MI
Rosemary Cox (Age 33) Charlotte, NC
Roy Jones (Age 48) Oklahoma City, OK
Roy Lunsford (Age 53) Greenville, SC
Ruby Stell (Age 28) Jacksonville, IL
Russ Dyer (Age 52) Oklahoma City, OK
Rusty Dawson (Age 55) Seminole, OK
Ruth Gartner (Age 41) Idaho Falls, ID
Ruth Powell (Age 43) Chicago, IL
Ryan D. Scherer (Age 27) Mayfield, KY
Ryan Daniel (Age 29) Brentwood, TN
Ryan Glass (Age 60) Norfolk, VA
Ryan Roark (Age 29) Mechanicsville, VA
Ryan Tuter (Age 35) Lake City, FL
Sabrina Medina (Age 50) Pensacola, FL
Sally Combs (Age 43) Birmingham, AL
Sam Wilson (Age 45) Nashville, TN
Sam Wilson (Age 45) Nashville, TN
Sammy Hagar, Los Angeles, CA
Samuel Cronin (Age 55) Nova, OH
Samuel Spillman (Age 56) Saint Cloud, MN
Sandra Relyea (Age 57) Springfield, MA
Sandra Vanwinkle (Age 22) Fort Smith, AR
Sandy Howard (Age 45) Memphis, TN
Sanford Williams (Age 55) Newark, NY
Sarah Heinrich (Age 55) Brookhaven, MS
Sarah Mccullen (Age 65) Garden City, NY
Scott Elliott (Age 27) Wilburton, OK
Scott Funk (Age 64) Baldwinsville, NY
Scott McCown (Age 40) Parrish, AL
Scott S. Huff (Age 21) Jonesboro, GA
Scott Shifferd Jr. (Age 25) Sarasota, FL
Shane Robinson (Age 26) Chattanooga, TN
Shannon Bailey (Age 33) Houston, TX
Shaw Moore (Age 56) Footloose, KS
Shawn Clark (Age 38) La Vergne, TN
Shawn Davis (Age 39) Canadian, TX
Shawn Thompson (Age 33) Austin, TX
Sherri Lofman (Age 54) Simmesport, LA
Sheryl Jones (Age 35) Columbia, NC
Shirley Adams (Age 46) Aloha, OR
Shirley Montenegro (Age 36) Pocahontas, IL
Shirley Weaver (Age 70) Oklahoma City, OK
Simone Fonville (Age 34) San Francisco, CA
Sonny Sanders (Age 37) Cordova, AL
Spencer Briggs (Age 28) Bensalem, PA
Spencer Ross (Age 19) Haslet, TX
Spencer Strickland (Age 29) Dillon, SC
Stan Stevenson (Age 51) Lebanon, TN
Stephanie Sullivan (Age 25) Houston, TX
Stephanie Williams (Age 42) Hollywood, FL
Stephen D. Brown (Age 51) Dayton, TN
Stephen Weeks (Age 35) McAlester, OK
Steve Higginbotham (Age 45) Glasgow, KY
Steve Kirby (Age 48) Clarksville, TN
Steve Plemmons (Age 46) Rossville, GA
Steve Schinnerer (Age 31) Porter, OK
Steve Vice (Age 47) Forest Park, GA
Steven Chad Hunter (Age 24) Springfield, TN
Steven D. Minor (Age 32) Oklahoma City, OK
Steven E. Patterson (Age 40) Natalia, TX
Steven Flores (Age 52) Unionville, MO
Steven Hickey (Age 47) Frederick, MD
Steven Hutchingson (Age 57) Elizabethtown, KY
Steven P. Lucas (Age 40) Ligonier, PA
Steven Sprouse (Age 33) Rocky Ford, CO
Summer Andino (Age 50) Saint Peter, MN
Susan Lennon (Age 22) Seattle, WA
Susan Sheppard (Age 44) Mesa, AZ
Suzanne Boudreaux (Age 36) Chicago, IL
Tad McGalliard (Age 24) Tecumseh, OK
Tara Reynolds (Age 29) Rockwood, MI
Tawana Lawson (Age 53) Alger, MI
Taylor Cave (Age 40) Del City, OK
Teresa Dixon (Age 36) Jacksonville, FL
Terrance Chaffin (Age 31) Java, NY
Terron Talley (Age 32) Asheville, NC
Terry G. Jones (Age 43) Pennsboro, WV
Terry Gillim (Age 47) Lafayette, TN
Theresa Williams (Age 37) Fort Wayne, IN
Therese Mayer (Age 64) White Lake (oakland), MI
Thomas Ashe (Age 50) Richvale, CA
Thomas Bart Warren (Age 31) Ramer, TN
Thomas C. Tidwell (Age 46) Powder Springs, GA
Thomas Dasher (Age 53) Cushing, OK
Thomas Jenkins (Age 23) Indianapolis, IN
Tiffany Giles (Age 40) Meridian, ID
Tim Lewis (Age 36) Oklahoma City, OK
Tim McElroy (Age 52) Murfreesboro, TN
Tim Salinas (Age 54) Roberta, GA
Timmy Walker (Age 42) Huron, SD
Timothy Anderson (Age 41) Kettering, OH
Timothy L. McCarter (Age 48) Jamestown, NY
Todd Crayton (Age 38) Chattanooga, TN
Todd Morris (Age 38) Denver, CO
Todd Storks (Age 43) Pike County, GA
Tom Duff (Age 38) Salem, VA
Tom Hamilton (Age 64) Gresham, OR
Tom Thomas (Age 77) Beloit,Ks
Tommy Buffalo (Age 55) Suttons Bay, MI
Tommy Crochet (Age 57) Washington, MD
Tommy Haynes (Age 50) Moore, OK
Tony Clifton
Tony Patton (Age 41) Fort Worth, TX
Tony Taylor (Age 40) Cedar Grove, TN
Tony Wallace (Age 37) Mobile, AL
Trae Durden (Age 33) Fayetteville, GA
Trent Kennedy
Trent Megill (Age 30) Lithia, FL
Trevor Major (Age 44) Grove City, OH
Trey Poole (Age 34) Albany, GA
Ty Hale (Age 38) Oklahoma City, OK
Tyrel Hatfield (Age 35) Tahlequah, OK
Velda Loeffler (Age 52) New Haven, CT
Vesta Boyd (Age 22) Dallas, TX
Victor Lyons (Age 38) Baton Rouge, LA
Victoria Thomason (Age 55) Virginia, MN
Violet Williams (Age 58) Greenup, IL
W. Tom Hall Bowling Green, Ky. (Age 48)
Wade Webster (Age 38) Crossville, TN
Walter Davis (Age 55) Norcross, GA
Walter Person (Age 50) Sanford, FL
Wayne Ellenburg (Age 48) Huntsville, AL
Wayne Gist (Age 47) Sallisaw, OK
Wayne Harris (Age 23) Boston, MA
Wayne Roberts (Age 48) Parker, CO
Wendell Beall, West Fork, AR
Wendy Bley (Age 27) Johnson City, TN
Wendy Wilson (Age 39) Grand Rapids, MI
Wesley Roach (Age 29) Friona, TX
Wesley Walker (Age 22) CA
Westley Hazel (Age 29) Manchester, TN
Weylan Deaver (Age 39) Fort Worth, TX
Wilbert Raguso (Age 25) Texas City, TX
Will McSweeney (Age 46) Cuba, KY
Will Tidwell (Age 30) Florence, AL
William Bautista (Age 49) Houston, TX
William Bier (Age 21) Planes, Georgia
William Brooks (Age 59) New Orleans, LA
William Canetta (Age 54) Houston, TX
William Coleman (Age 37) Wilmington, CA
William Davis (Age 27) Canonsburg, PA
William Forsyth (Age 65) Fort Lauderdale, FL
William Gray (Age 37) Southfield, MI
William Haralson (Age 30) West Palm Beach, FL
William Marshall (Age 25) Houston, TX
William Mcnamara (Age 50) Salisbury, MD
William Perry (Age 55) Hobart, IN
William Sheriff (Age 60) Salinas, CA
Willie Alvarenga (Age 32) Bedford, TX
Willie Nettle (Age 47) Vicksburg, MS

Congregational Singing

The New Testament church praised God with vocal worship music only. Under the guidance of the inspired apostles, they sang psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, making melody in their hearts, but did not use instruments.